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Welcome to the Escape Zone

We aim to provide a place for you to come and read, watch and discuss your favourite entertainment from movies and shows to games and youtubers.

I'm a 36 year old from Wales. I love movies and shows, especially superhero's. My favourite current games being Animal Crossing New Horizon and Spiderman PS4.
I'm married with 3 children and between us we run a youtube channel and various other endevours.

Huw Timbrell

I’m a ginger from NC. Feel like I’m 80 but I’m 27! My fiancé & I have 5 kids (3 dogs & 2 cats)! I binge watch shows because I hate waiting! I enjoy playing ACNH, Sims, FPS, Minecraft and Mario Kart. Cars are my passion! Two of my dream cars are ‘67 Chevelle SS 454 big block & ‘92 Nissan GT-R twin turbo rb26! To quote Ricky Bobby “I wanna go fast”! & yes, I'm 420 friendly!

Jessi Norwood

I'm a huge nerdicorn and love a bunch of fandoms, faeries, and a bookworm. Also, I'm a pretty avid gamer and love Animal Crossing, Civilization on PC, and RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I'm 39 and live in New Jersey, with my husband and our 2 awesome kiddos.

Lilli Hansen

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