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Island Tour Pricing

Max Membership:

Monday to Saturday Guaranteed access to Ultimate Island AND Ultimate Museum Island!!

Codes Provided on Discord 

Island pics and Inspiration

We are now offering the complete catalog of clothing and furniture. This is across 3 islands, one for furniture, one for shirts and pants, one for accessories and other clothing.


The pricing for this is as follows: £5/$6 1 hour £18/$20 unlimited 1 island £30/$36 unlimited 2 islands £40/$50 unlimited all 3 islands. You are expected to catalog each island in one session but if you book all 3 you can do them across 3 separate sessions. 24 hour notice for booking. Time to get those catalogs complete!!

View us on Youtube

We Run Game Nights on Sophie Charlotte Gaming

We even build special islands for Sophie to tour

The Gaming Channel

Watch yourself fly over to the islands or race us on Mario Kart live on our channel

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