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Netflix "Sony Win" could start an interesting chain of events in the streaming World

News broke earlier that Netflix, who have been consistently losing content for a while from the likes of Disney and Paramount, have now signed a mammoth deal for exclusive streaming rights to upcoming movies for 5 years. These include such titles as upcoming Tom Holland movie Uncharted, titles from the Sony back catalogue, but maybe most intriguingly, the Marvel movies. Add those to the recently signed up "Knives Out" sequels and that's quite the collections should the upcoming movies prove successful.

Disney+ must of course be frustrated at losing the superhero's, they may have plenty of their own but Spiderman is a marquee property that they would love to have complete the MCU collection on their platform, let alone the highly anticipated Morbius and Venom 2. They do however have a decent upcoming slate meaning its not that big a loss to them really.

Peacock have their own content, including more family friendly properties like the Minions, plus the newly bought out WWE Network which brings its own viewership. The new boys in town were hardly going to be ready to invest the cash Netflix have, not with the major outlays they have already spent.

Which brings us nicely to my favourite streaming service, HBO Max. A service that thankfully has just released an incredibly popular and well received Superhero movie which will spawn multiple sequels for their platform using already incredibly popular IP's including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Jason Mamoas good looks. Not to say that he's not a quality actor, but i still believe good ole Jason is more popular than Aquaman himself.

But wait, they haven't announced the sequels? Why? Not sure. The temptation must be creeping in though as the #restorethesnyderverse movement grows, if Warner Bros don't want to make Justice League 2 and 3, then HBO MAX can, giving their subscriber base another shot of "we really do care what you want to see on our service."

One can only hope. Until then, im going to watch Justice League #Justiceisgray to see the difference!

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