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Nintendo chuckle at Hidden extra bunny day egg

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Some sick Nintendo board members have taken the day today to sit back and enjoy reading everyones funny angry tweets about how lame bunny day is.

Why are they laughing? Because they know, and everyone else knows, about the secret extra egg that actually makes bunny day fun.

Where is this extra egg found? Nobody knows. Rumours have run rampant that it could be hidden under the 100th pitfall seed you fall in, or that if you actually read what Isabelle says (which no one does) then there are hidden clues throughout her messages.

One thing is for sure, there must be something hidden somewhere, because bunny day was lame last year and it’s even worse the second time round!

#acnh #animalcrossing #nintendo

let’s hope we have all found a new game by next Easter

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