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*Spoilers* Kong Roars on screen and at the Box office

To the surprise of many, Kong came out of his most recent big screen adventure not only a badass hero, but alive and kicking as the King of the Hollow earth, throne and all!! I among many others assumed the film would be very Godzilla heavy, but as a member of #teamkong I was pleasantly surprised to find this was more a sequel to Skull island than anything.

Considering how many countries are still struggling as a result of the pandemic, studio execs must be delighted at the films performance in the Cinema, Smashing most records since the lockdowns started. Good (if not excellent) reviews and a happy fanbase surely mean the monster-verse will continue.

Now we are left in a situation where there are three territories to defend, Earth, Hollow Earth and Space. My bet, Ghidorah's head sent some telepathic call into space, a whole host of multi headed aliens fly down, Godzilla tries to fend them off but has to call his new buddy Kong for help.

One thing I hope, lets keep the human interactions out of it though. Outside of a momentary distraction as they fire puny bombs at giant titans. Yes they made Mechagodzilla, but that didn't end well. For me this is one franchise where you can really not waste time building characters and emotional connections, because really, if its not Kongs cute little friend, do we care if any of them survive? No!! Really we just care about which Titans will be around to duke it out and destroy yet another city while the humans sit there and be like "oh Godzillas here, grab the hoover and bandages."

None of that is to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the film, it was great entertainment!! It was just what it needed to be, another win for #hbomax

Speaking of wins, while we are at it... #restorethesnyderverse

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