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Star Wars, probably best to ask someone else about that....

Just writing another post to test a few more functions. So might as well admit I don’t really understand #starwars. I enjoy it, especially the new ones. Rey and Kylo are cool and have great chemistry.

But I don’t get the history, the back stories, it’s all so confusing to me. The crazy names don’t help me, that’s a personal thing, same as #LOTR. I just struggle to get my head round remembering the crazy names. Give me Iron Man and Captain Marvel anyday.

The Force, what even is that? It seems to change from film to film. Or maybe I’m reading into that too much, but how exactly do you use it? Or know you can use it? Why are the Skywalkers so special? And why can’t the fans just like agree on anything?

i will say Rey is one of my favourite characters across all franchises. Cool story and Daisy Ridley is a great actress. She plays off the other cast well too so I’m certainly hoping she signs up for more

Maybe there’s my problem, my buddy explains it all one day, it makes sense, then someone else offers a completely contradictory story based on some other book that equally makes sense. which is right?

This is why this will probably be my first and only Star Wars blog. Oh also because I suck at blogging

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