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Top 10 Zombie Films and Series to watch in the Apocalypse – I mean Lockdown.

So for some reason, I have watched a lot of Zombie-related content over the course of the pandemic; which is probably apt because I've been staying in A LOT.

1. iZombie

8/10 it's hilarious. Less fatphobic jokes would make it 10/10. Also, all the main characters are ridiculously good-looking.

2. Z Nation

Probably the best Zombie related programme I have ever watched. 10/10 because it's funny and terrifying at the same time.

3. Black Summer

Black Summer is a series that happens in the same universe as the Z Nation and happens before the Z Nation series starts. 9/10

4. Shaun of the Dead

No need to really describe this. It's a British classic, part of the Cornetto Trilogy. Frost and Pegg are brill. 10/10

5. 28 Weeks Later

SO MUCH BETTER THAN 28 DAYS LATER. 10/10 amazing. One of my favourites.

6. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

This is the typical B Movie that is so bad it turns out to be kind of good. 6/10

7. The Walking Dead

I didn't get past season 3 because it gave me nightmares, but I thought I'd throw it in because people would moan, (yes, you). 7/10

8. #Alive

This South Korean film is sooooo good and such a thrilling watch. If you don't speak Korean, then you will have to watch it dubbed or subtitled. It is so chilling and tense you need to watch it. 9/10

9. World War Z

Eh. I think the only reason this made the cut was because it's now a game and Brad Pitt looks HAWT. The book is way better and makes more sense. 4/10

10. Land of the Dead

Scary and probably the most realistic to me. This could happen, Zombies could attack back. 8/10

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