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When Gary Met Betty Part 1

It was a gloomy day in the grounds of the Old Gods academy. Gary didn’t seem to mind though, he was a mere month away from graduating 2nd in his class behind his best friend Uxas. They studied together, they trained together, they even shared a dorm room together. They were inseparable.

Betty was a mere freshman at the Old Gods academy, but she was the first female to have gained acceptance into the famed school. Her parents were anxious but proud, feelings mirrored by herself. Nearing the end of the first year she couldn’t help but notice there really weren’t many Parademons here, in fact, she was one of two. A fact that simultaneously made her feel incredibly special yet unfamothably lonely.

Uxas was leading Gary through the beautiful courtyard of the academy, flowers and insects surrounding them of every species and colour. “One day Gary, when I have healed and we have completed our time here, we will return to Earth, we will wait until their defences are at their lowest and we will strike. Then Gary, we will have the Anti……..” Gary had stopped listening. He glanced across the courtyard and saw the most incredible sight, the most beautiful Parademon. The way the sun shone round her made her look like a New God, not that there is such a thing yet. No one had graduated successfully yet.

“I will avenge my only loss, I will control all life across the multiverse” Uxas boomed again. “Sure Uxas, sounds a bit hard but great fun I guess. Hey, do u know that gal over there??” Gary realized his friend was paying no attention to what he was saying, hell he didn’t really even know how they were best friends. Uxas made it clear Parademons normally are meaningless drones to him. But that first day they were paired up in “Advanced Invasion Studies” they just hit it off and had been inseparable since. He doubted Uxas would have approved of him dating anyway, as soon as they had graduated he knew they were going to ready the armada…..

5 years later


Hey Betty, missing you loads, hope the kids are ok. We are we like half way to Earth when we came across this cute little galaxy and well, Darkseid as he's calling himself these days just like had to have it. To be fair the restaurants were superb and the new Parademon chefs can really whip up a storm in the kitchen.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say I cant wait to get home. We really are going to be set for life after this final mission, I’ve already got the full Darkseid Armada Pension requirement and the bonus cheques if we get Anti-Life, which well at this point has got to be easy now that crazy bloke Bruce helped kill off that Kryptonian fella, its just, we can buy that cute little cottage we always dreamt of. The one near the Academy. Gary Jnr and Diana (really awkward name choice now given the upcoming battle) are bound to get in and they can just walk there.

Sorry I'm getting away from myself. I miss you so much Betty, cant wait to be home.

Yours forever


3 Years Later

No, this cant be happening. I shot The Flash, I single handedly turned the tide of the Battle. How has Steppy messed this up?

And to be shot by a man dressed like a bat? This is not how i was meant to go out. The cottage, Betty, the kids. Its not my time. This isnt how it was supposed to go, i.....must.....hold....

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