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Will #restorethesnyderverse work? Who Cares?


There seems to be a huge amount of debate around the world at the moment about whether the fans who relentlessly campaigned for the Snyder Cut to be released can reproduce the same magic again.

For those who are unaware, the Snyder Cut refers to the version of D.C’s movie, Justice League made by the original director, Zack Snyder. Due to personal circumstances he left production and was replaced by Joss Whedon, the results of the reshoots leaving a fanbase wondering, who thought this was a good idea? Fast forward a few years, a few million tweets, Facebook statuses, a new streaming service starved of content and the directors original vision was released.

And boy did it release to fanfare and adoration (rightfully so in my opinion) from the fans so desperate to see it all along and more surprisingly to a large portion of the general audience and critics.

Is the film perfect? Of course it isn’t, it’s a 4 hour long Zack Snyder movie with all the fluff and extras you would expect from a director so obsessed with his vision that if he thinks it fits, it goes in. There is no need for Aquaman to spend several minutes being splashed by rain just to take his top off, just as there is no reason for Flash to spend quite so long getting Iris safely to ground on their first meeting. But the water looks spectacular and the emotion from Barry is just intense. Somewhere within that 4 hours of footage is a 5* Superhero movie that everyone can enjoy.

But again, the quality of the film was largely irrelevant, though us fans who campaigned long and hard believed that the film would be great, we saw the ultimate edition of Batman vs Superman, we could see the light coming from the darkness of the Snyderverse. The fans hoped, along with Zack himself. The hope was what mattered.

He put himself out there, spoke of his grief, his frustration, his anger, his refusal to watch the 2017 abomination. Many wished they never had. We felt we were on his journey with him. Some joined instantly, I signed my first petition the day I saw “Josstice League” in the cinema. Some joined later, but whenever they joined. They went from being a fan, to part of a movement, part of an “Us.”

I remember the day HBO MAX and Zack Snyder announced the release of the Snyder Cut. The lack of knowledge about whether it would be a movie or a 6 part show merely excited me. Then there were reshoots. It didn’t really matter that we basically knew everything about this film (or so we thought) from the twitter reveals, the interviews, the press tour. We would finally get to see what we fought together to achieve. Our Zack was getting his redemption.

Then the rumours of new Joker scenes, more Deathstroke, a cliff-hanger ending even though they knew there would be no JL2. The excitement built.

The day finally arrived. For some, it was a day of pure joy, for others, it gave them a welcome distraction from life’s troubles, for the rest it brought curiosity or a relief that their partner might finally stop going on. But we haven’t, because it was so much better than we imagined. The Knightmare scene with THAT line from Batfleck, the pregnancy test, the stunning musical score, my personal favourite scene of all time, the speed force.

It stoked hope, this huge fanbase full of people who should never really gotten together at all, the hashtags roared, the memes flowed, the WB executive claimed we will never see JL2 let alone 3. The stars spoke out, fellow directors from the franchise spoke out, THE RUSSO BROTHERS SPOKE OUT.

And there is the point, so many people who would normally be ashamed, embarrassed, fearful of speaking out about being so passionate about something, spoke out. Underscoring this Is the support for the suicide prevention charities and awareness. The themes of the film so perfectly mirror the movement, a group of unlikely individuals grouped together behind a united cause, fuelled by passion, heartbreak, tragedy.

They find hope, the win, they know the battle isn’t over, they know they may never win.

But together they got to speak out, they got to be united, they got to feel less alone. In a world of lockdowns, loneliness and mental health issues, regardless of whether we see Justice League 2 or not, lets carry it on together.

They’ve not fought us, not us united. We may not win, but we already did and we are still all united. Despite the doubters, the haters, the nay Sayers, let’s stay united.

#hbomax #snydercut

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